Finally! Some Pics of Progress


Guest room - why couldn't I see those wrinkles BEFORE I took the picture!

So this is the guest room.  I think it’s turning out to be my favorite room.  I love the spareness and the simplicity.  Somehow when I walk into it I’m reminded of my great-grandmother Ingram.  I remember going to her house when I was a small child and laying and playing on high iron beds.

It’s a work in progress of course.  Everything is a work in progress.  But that’s ok. 





I love the little Kmart clearance table tucked in the corner.

I love the little Kmart table tucked in the corner.  It was a clearance item sitting in a jumble with a bunch of other stuff at the store.  It was filthy – dust and scuff marks all over it – with no mate but when I saw it it just fit.  So it and the little lamp came home with us.

I don’t remember where we got the plates on the wall.  They use to hang in our kitchen.  Perhaps they were a gift from my mom?

2 thoughts on “Finally! Some Pics of Progress

  1. I love the room.. the color for the walls, the colors in the fabrics… and it reminds me of Grandma’s home also.. ;o) Very soothing room.. Yes, I got you the plates… ;o)

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