Am So Tired Tonight

Isn’t it funny how days of doing nothing are so tiring? What’s up with that?

I think I’m suffering frustration more than anything. We hit a good stride at the house on Satuday and had plans of continuing today but stuff just kept coming up. Ugh, it just wears me out.

But tomorrow will dawn and we can carry on.

We got three of the bedroom ceilings textured. One more bedroom and the living room to go. We bought a $50 dollar attachment for our air compressor that has a hopper and splatters texture onto the ceiling, or wall if that is your target. It’s a great tool the second time you use it.

Did I say second time?

Yes, yes I did.

Because the first time you use it the hopper (the thing that holds all the oozy wall texture stuff) will not be attached well and sometime between pointing it at the ceiling and pulling the trigger it will fall off… and dump that oozy wall texture stuff all over you. Not only will it dump the oozy stuff on you, it will dump the oozy stuff on the only piece of floor that you haven’t covered with plastic. It is a law. It will happen.

Or maybe that law only applies to me.

Life is good if a bit oozy sometimes.

2 thoughts on “Am So Tired Tonight

  1. I am so sorry it took two tries with the “hopper”! I know what you mean though, it is a law. : ) Sometimes when you are going “full throttle” for days on end, you just need to take a night off to recover the energy to push through the next project. Finishing that next task will just up the energy even more starting a new cycle of task completion! Hang in there. : )

    1. freethnkr1965

      You know, it was suprisingly calming – like getting it out of the way. Then it was Katy bar the door because that sprayer is kewl! haha I was ready to texture anything that didn’t stand still.

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