So the new electric service entrance passed inspection today. The DH is over at the house waiting for the guy from the electric company to come and turn the power back on. There were no hitches, questions, or concerns. It’s a good day.


Nah, just kidding, there’s no exception.

What am I doing here you ask? Well, there’s no electricity over there. 🙂 Today’s my only day to be able to use that excuse. Besides, when I was over there yesterday I wound up scraping floors – ugh. That’s a torment that should be reserved for despots and those “I’ve just won a trip to Latvia if you’ll just buy a magazine subscription” salespeople. It’s worth it though to not have to deal with bumps in the linoleum later.

Here on the homefront we’ve been letting things go. Too much to do at the new house means Hamburger Helper and hot dogs several nights a week. Tonight is a hot dog night AND we’re out of chips. But this new outlook on life I’m trying to develop has helped turn the lack into a boon. No chips means I have a logical reason to eat french fried onions from the can! Woo-hoo. No guilt, just a little indigestion.

Life is good.

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