Dream Achieved

Rohl Fireclay Apron Front Farmhouse Sink - AKA Da Bomb!

Is Jessica Beil putting on a brave face? Will Two and Half Men survive without Charlie Sheen? Are the little bacteria looking things from that meteorite really alien life?

Who cares!?!

I don’t because I finally found the sink of my dreams – everything else pales in comparison.

Yes, the sink in the picture (or actually it’s sibling since the picture is from the manufacturer website) is sitting on the floor at the house. Here’s an exerpt from the web-site:

Shaw Sinks

Since 1897, every Shaws Original apron sink has been finely handcrafted in Darwen, England, with the same distinctive design and fireclay construction. The artisans stamp their name into every sink they create—a symbol of pride that lasts as long as its beautifully resilient fireclay surface.

It resists scratches, thermal shock, alkaline and acids, maintaining its enduring radiant appearance. Complement any style of décor with the original apron sink—or other designs that feature Shaws’ legendary craftsmanship—brought to you in America exclusively from ROHL.

I had relegated the hope of having one of these sinks to the waste bin of fantasy (along with the hope that Ed Harris would suddenly realize that he couldn’t live without me) and made peace with always having a plain sink. These sinks cost anywhere from $700 to $1200 depending on where you buy and though I love them there’s no friggin’ way I would pay that much money for one.

But on Saturday fate intervened, the planets aligned, I gave in to the desire to go shopping and at the back of a non-profit building material re-sale warehouse (Stardust) there it sat – waiting for me. Waiting for me with it’s thick fireclay body, it’s generous heft – it weighs about 130 pounds. Waiting with it’s $80 price tag. Yes that’s an 8 – 0. OMG.

So tomorrow I will worry about Charlie’s rants. Tomorrow I will suffer with Jessica. Tomorrow I will ponder the deep spiritual and philosophical implications of life existing elsewhere in the universe. Tonight I’m going to dream of deep dish water. Life is good.

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