More Scraping

Scraped more ceiling today but, thank goodness, we drew a proverbial line in the linoleum and said that the kitchen and the den must wait until the next round of remodeling. So all the ceiling that will be scraped has been scraped… for now.

Picked oranges, lemons, and grapefruit to package and send to my dad in Oklahoma. We have an orange tree, a lemon tree and four grapefruit trees. Why in the world anyone would plant FOUR grapefruit trees and only one orange tree is beyond me. I eat about one grapefruit a year and that’s usually to remind me why I don’t eat grapefruit! I don’t mind grapefruit juice though, go figure, and I found a neat, easy recipe on line for canning citrus juice so I may try that. Unfortunately we have navel oranges, which are great eating, don’t get me wrong, but navel oranges contain a chemical that causes the juice to turn bitter if it is stored for any length of time. Which bites.

Our friend the electrician is plowing ahead replacing our service entrance and breaker box. Poor guy, there’s one really hot spot on our lot and he has to work right in it.

Tomorrow the painting begins for real. I can’t wait. We’re at the tipping point where things will start coming together instead of being torn apart. Yay! The paint we picked is called Vanilla Custard. Thirty years ago it would’ve been called off-white. Thank goodness for progress.

I keep meaning to take pictures but we always forget the camera. I will try to remember it tomorrow.

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