More Relaxing

Stayed home today to see if I had to report for jury duty. I didn’t and it was wonderful. Spent the whole day doing nothing but surfing. I was going to take a nap but it’s been so long since I’ve had a total day to just rot my brain on the web that I fought the urge and plowed on through web-site after web-site. Then I hit YouTube and searched for “A Home of Our Own.” Home is an old movie about a widowed woman with six kids who leaves L.A. in the ’60’s in search of a home. It stars Kathy Bates and Edward Fur-somthing. It’s not that great. But I love it anyway. Especially the house they find. The house is a shack. They have to hang tarps on rafters to make a roof and stuff newspaper into the walls for insulation. But even at that, after a while they have a wood burning stove and lights and beds with lots of blankets. It’s just awesome. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to move into an abandoned house and make it a home. I don’t know why – I think I must have Luddite genes somewhere in my double helix. The movie is supposed to be semi-autobiographical. Maybe it is.

I’ve been thinking a lot about someday leaving the rat-race behind and living as close to free as possible. These feelings usually grow in direct proportion to the amount of stress and responsibility in my life. Right now, being the only bread-winner is providing really fertile ground for my escapist fantasies! 🙂 They will pass but for now I’m really enjoying losing myself in daydreams of being the next publishing phenom on Kindle. Writing in the morning from my quiet country cabin after feeding the chickens and then tending the garden in the afternoons. What a life! In between I squeeze in a little cheese making and off the kitchen is a little room filled with hundreds of jars of home-canned delights. In the evenings the DH and I sit in comfy chairs in front of a fireplace and do hand crafts while we listen to a book on tape. And we’re skinny.

I mean, if you’re gonna dream… 🙂


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