I’m Too Tired To Sleep

Don’t you hate when that happens!?!

I’m not really too tired to sleep, in fact, just as soon as i finish typing this I’m going to hit the sack – but what a great day today. It’s the first day in at least a month that I haven’t had some kind of activity or due date looming over my head. Wow, I think just the fact that I can relax is so relaxing.

I’ve got to go see if I get picked for jury duty tomorrow but even that can’t phase the quasi-coma of goodness I find myself wrapped in.

We did get a house btw! Yay! Right now we’ve got primer on most (some)of the walls, the carpet is all gone and boxes of tile are sitting in one of the bedrooms. We had made a decision to not buy another project house… why do we lie to ourselves so much??? 🙂

Sweet dreams all!

2 thoughts on “I’m Too Tired To Sleep

  1. Sue O

    Congratulations! Did have to laugh about buying another project house though. I have found that even a brand new home always has a room or two that you just feel a need to make a major change to whether it be just the color or the flooring. That said it is also a great way to make a house a real home!

  2. freethnkr1965

    So true Sue. Must be tied to our desire to leave a mark on the world… or the fact that so many people pick so many horrendous paint colors! hahaha

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