The Carpet Is In

Yes it is.



The guy is coming to lay carpet on Monday so we have been busting azz all day today trying to complete the painting and tile laying before then. We’re gonna make it but it is definitely an ibuprofen night tonight.


Maybe it was the spice of hunger but the Tuna Helper was especially tasty this evening. Washed it down with some homemade lemonade made from just picked lemons. If I could just drink 6 gallons of lemonade a day I might use up all the lemons on the tree. I’ve never seen such productivity.

Painted some more today and then picked up grapefruit out of the front yard. I’m starting to worry that concentrating on all the work inside the house will cost us some of the bounty of outside. Confirmed today that the two plants I thought were grapevines really are grapevines and they have little baby grape clusters! How yippee is that? I’m getting itchy green thumbs and it’s killing me to not be able to play outside.


Life is good.

Mission Ceiling Rehab Stage 1 Complete

The ceilings are done! The ceilings are done. Hmmm, wonder why we spell “ceilings” like that. Suddenly it just looks wrong.


Yes, stage one of ceiling retexturing is complete. M and N, an older couple at church who have adopted us stopped by to see the progress and to bring us deviled eggs. We love N’s deviled eggs. She makes them for every church event and they are one of the first things to disappear. At the last potluck she put a sign on them that said “please just take one”. hahaha M and N are like that. They’ll be doing something and say to one another, “Do you think we should make some extra for the boys?” Or whoever they happen to be thinking of. I hope to one day be so kind.

Am So Tired Tonight

Isn’t it funny how days of doing nothing are so tiring? What’s up with that?

I think I’m suffering frustration more than anything. We hit a good stride at the house on Satuday and had plans of continuing today but stuff just kept coming up. Ugh, it just wears me out.

But tomorrow will dawn and we can carry on.

We got three of the bedroom ceilings textured. One more bedroom and the living room to go. We bought a $50 dollar attachment for our air compressor that has a hopper and splatters texture onto the ceiling, or wall if that is your target. It’s a great tool the second time you use it.

Did I say second time?

Yes, yes I did.

Because the first time you use it the hopper (the thing that holds all the oozy wall texture stuff) will not be attached well and sometime between pointing it at the ceiling and pulling the trigger it will fall off… and dump that oozy wall texture stuff all over you. Not only will it dump the oozy stuff on you, it will dump the oozy stuff on the only piece of floor that you haven’t covered with plastic. It is a law. It will happen.

Or maybe that law only applies to me.

Life is good if a bit oozy sometimes.


So the new electric service entrance passed inspection today. The DH is over at the house waiting for the guy from the electric company to come and turn the power back on. There were no hitches, questions, or concerns. It’s a good day.


Nah, just kidding, there’s no exception.

What am I doing here you ask? Well, there’s no electricity over there. 🙂 Today’s my only day to be able to use that excuse. Besides, when I was over there yesterday I wound up scraping floors – ugh. That’s a torment that should be reserved for despots and those “I’ve just won a trip to Latvia if you’ll just buy a magazine subscription” salespeople. It’s worth it though to not have to deal with bumps in the linoleum later.

Here on the homefront we’ve been letting things go. Too much to do at the new house means Hamburger Helper and hot dogs several nights a week. Tonight is a hot dog night AND we’re out of chips. But this new outlook on life I’m trying to develop has helped turn the lack into a boon. No chips means I have a logical reason to eat french fried onions from the can! Woo-hoo. No guilt, just a little indigestion.

Life is good.

Dream Achieved

Rohl Fireclay Apron Front Farmhouse Sink - AKA Da Bomb!

Is Jessica Beil putting on a brave face? Will Two and Half Men survive without Charlie Sheen? Are the little bacteria looking things from that meteorite really alien life?

Who cares!?!

I don’t because I finally found the sink of my dreams – everything else pales in comparison.

Yes, the sink in the picture (or actually it’s sibling since the picture is from the manufacturer website) is sitting on the floor at the house. Here’s an exerpt from the web-site:

Shaw Sinks

Since 1897, every Shaws Original apron sink has been finely handcrafted in Darwen, England, with the same distinctive design and fireclay construction. The artisans stamp their name into every sink they create—a symbol of pride that lasts as long as its beautifully resilient fireclay surface.

It resists scratches, thermal shock, alkaline and acids, maintaining its enduring radiant appearance. Complement any style of dĂ©cor with the original apron sink—or other designs that feature Shaws’ legendary craftsmanship—brought to you in America exclusively from ROHL.

I had relegated the hope of having one of these sinks to the waste bin of fantasy (along with the hope that Ed Harris would suddenly realize that he couldn’t live without me) and made peace with always having a plain sink. These sinks cost anywhere from $700 to $1200 depending on where you buy and though I love them there’s no friggin’ way I would pay that much money for one.

But on Saturday fate intervened, the planets aligned, I gave in to the desire to go shopping and at the back of a non-profit building material re-sale warehouse (Stardust) there it sat – waiting for me. Waiting for me with it’s thick fireclay body, it’s generous heft – it weighs about 130 pounds. Waiting with it’s $80 price tag. Yes that’s an 8 – 0. OMG.

So tomorrow I will worry about Charlie’s rants. Tomorrow I will suffer with Jessica. Tomorrow I will ponder the deep spiritual and philosophical implications of life existing elsewhere in the universe. Tonight I’m going to dream of deep dish water. Life is good.

More Scraping

Scraped more ceiling today but, thank goodness, we drew a proverbial line in the linoleum and said that the kitchen and the den must wait until the next round of remodeling. So all the ceiling that will be scraped has been scraped… for now.

Picked oranges, lemons, and grapefruit to package and send to my dad in Oklahoma. We have an orange tree, a lemon tree and four grapefruit trees. Why in the world anyone would plant FOUR grapefruit trees and only one orange tree is beyond me. I eat about one grapefruit a year and that’s usually to remind me why I don’t eat grapefruit! I don’t mind grapefruit juice though, go figure, and I found a neat, easy recipe on line for canning citrus juice so I may try that. Unfortunately we have navel oranges, which are great eating, don’t get me wrong, but navel oranges contain a chemical that causes the juice to turn bitter if it is stored for any length of time. Which bites.

Our friend the electrician is plowing ahead replacing our service entrance and breaker box. Poor guy, there’s one really hot spot on our lot and he has to work right in it.

Tomorrow the painting begins for real. I can’t wait. We’re at the tipping point where things will start coming together instead of being torn apart. Yay! The paint we picked is called Vanilla Custard. Thirty years ago it would’ve been called off-white. Thank goodness for progress.

I keep meaning to take pictures but we always forget the camera. I will try to remember it tomorrow.

Popcorn Ceiling

Dear popcorn ceiling inventor – God bless ya. Just spent an evening removing your fiendish creation from three bedrooms.

Actually it wasn’t that hard. A few hundred quick swipes with a wide dry wall joint knife and it was all done. The worst part was holding my arms above my head for the whole evening.

No that’s not true, the worst part is yet to come. You see, my DH wanted to scrape it off initially but I wanted to try to paint it. I could not imagine that it would loosen and fall off as soon as it got wet with paint. No, I was convinced if we just did it correctly we could save a lot of time and a little money.

Yes DH, you were right, I was wrong. There. I said it. And it’s just one more thing I hold against you Popcorn Ceiling Inventor Guy.