Rocking Along

Things are moving along with the house. Knock on wood nothing bizarre occurs.

On a different note, way back almost a year ago I got a box of yarn at the Desert Heritage Women’s rummage sale. It was something noone wanted so it was about to be sent to the dumpster so I grabbed it. I didn’t even look inside the box until a couple of days ago. There was one of those packs of utility needles, you know, an upholstery needle, two mattress needles, etc. (Speaking of which, what in the world would you use mattress needles for?) There was also a book of needlepoint patterns and another book of instructions how to make rabbits out of socks. They look pretty cute. The yarn in the box varies in length from full skeins to pieces two inches long. The yarn all came from TG&Y can ya believe. There was a receipt from TG&Y that listed the prices of the skeins at $0.39 and $0.49 each. Needless to say it’s some pretty old yarn. It still makes good granny squares though!!



Just finished some tamales the upstairs neighbor gave us. They were pretty good. I’ve gotten so fat since moving out here. Ugh. We should find out Monday or at least early next week if our offer on the house was accepted. This time I am not ambivalent, I want this house. It’s a good house for a great price. It’s like 2 minutes from church and 10 minutes from work. We will have a guest room again!!!! Yay!!! That means we can have guests! OMG I miss having people visit.