Church Rummage Sale: SCORE!

This past Friday and Saturday the Desert Heritage Women held a rummage sale and oh the treasures they had! I, however, was the model of self-restraint. I did not buy the black velvet “Jesus in the Garden” picture. I did not buy the Lassie pic (which in hindsight was probably stupid). I did not buy the friendship recipe decorative plate because I have beer and if you have beer you have friends.

I did buy the following two indispensible items:

My fabulous folding sewing table

Yes, that’s a folding sewing table. It folds up to about 4 inches thick but it doesn’t wobble and it has a second shelf that put’s the sewing surface of my machine even with the desk top. Cost – $2. Yes, that’s a 2. Man I love second hand. Just in case you haven’t drooled enough, here’s a second pic.

Another pic of my great find.

I also got this…

Ice Cream Maker

Oh yeah! Cost – $3. I know. It was extravagent but…

The Cosmopoliton Ice Cream Maker by Salton Inc.

I used it to make this!

Yummy vanilla ice cream!

It was incredibly simple and turned out to be pretty tasty. It was a little heavy on the cream. Turns out that the best tasting ice cream is not pure cream. It’s a subtle balance between cream and milk. It’s ok though cause I have a new hobby… and I get to eat the mistakes.

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