Tatted Bedspread

Be-stitched.com has a really cool tatting page.

Georgia Seitz has classes on her website that look very informative. She also has some patterns, one of which is modeled on this antique tatted bedspread.

Marilyn Leahy rescued this antique tatted bedspread.
Can you imagine the patience required to finish a piece that large?



Holy Canoli friends, what a month it’s been! Lot’s of OT at work, church activities, and the whirlwind trip to Texas to get our house on the market. It’s time to slow down for a few days.

Random observations:

The Bachelor and Bachelorette should be outlawed.

Books rule.

Dumpsters can be treasure troves.

Canal water smells.

I like small houses.

I like big houses.

Chickens are cool.

Bedtime seems to come earlier and earlier.

My observations are never earth shattering.

Realizing your random observations are neither earth shattering nor all that witty kinda sucks.

Good night all.