Yarn Holder

There’s been one thing that has frustrated me since I started needle tatting (all of 3 days ago) and that is keeping the ball of yarn in one place. Nothing is more aggravating than pulling on thread that won’t move because it’s stuck under the recliner, or in the recliner, or behind the recliner.

So here is my answer:

Yarn Holder 6
Everything is safe and sound.

It’s easy, it’s cheap, and best of all – it works.

You will need a coffee can and,

Yarn Holder 1
Coffee can for mucho cheapo yarn holder.

Some cheap eyelets

Yarn Holder 2
Cheap eyelets.

And a hammer of course, but I figure you know what that looks like.

Put an eyelet in the center of the lid like so.

Yarn Holder 3
The magic lid.

Put the yarn in the coffee can.

Yarn Holder 4
The yarn has a home at last!

Thread the yarn through the eyelet.

Yarn Holder 5
It's so simple a cave man can do it.

Then pop the lid on.

Yarn Holder 6
Everything is safe and sound.

That’s it. All total I spent $1.67 for the eyelets at the evil big box store which shall remain nameless. They came with an eyelet tool. It’s all good.


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