More Needle Tatting, I’m Sick, and Smoking Update

Tatted Medallion #3 needle, Pearl Cotton #3
Said to the husband last night, “Gee I hope I’m not getting sick.” Well I am. I woke up this morning with that “feels like my lungs are plum packed full of phlegm Aint Bee” feeling. Dry gravelly eyes, scratchy throat, general body malais – yes I’ve got it all this morning. So I decided to soothe myself with some needle tatting. This is “off the ball” needle tatting. You don’t have to leave thread spaces like in the previous two examples so you don’t have to cut off 2-5 yard pieces of thread. You can continually pull off the ball, at least until you run out of the loop on your needle. I think the end product looks a lot more substantial too. Now that I’ve done something round I’m itching to go find a doily pattern.

    Smoking Update

I’m doing well on quitting. I’m in week 9 and not smoking at all anymore. I’ve started going to the fitness center 4-5 times a week and working out on the eliptical or treadmill for an hour. My lungs don’t hurt anymore when I’m doing it either!! Woo-hoo! That is such a great feeling. The Chantix really helps. It’s actually time for a refill.

Well, off to search the world wide web for a doily pattern. I’m sure I’ll be back here before the day is over. Hope your day is splendiferous!


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