Fun New Craft

Worked half a day this morning and actually got some stuff done at work so as a reward I went to Bookman’s, a used book store in Mesa, and then set out to find a Tatting needle. Well four stores and four hours later I finally found one at Hobby Lobby. Actually I bought 4. They came with an instruction book. Hobby Lobby had ony one other set of needles. Let’s face it, needle tatting lace is not as popular as it once was but as fate would have it as I turned away with my incredible find I heard a woman and her daughter talking about needle tatting. I went back and spoke with probably the only other two needle tatters in Arizona – they were very nice and as surprised as I that someone else was interested in the craft. The mother told me she and her sisters used to make lace on their fingers.

Anyway, as soon as I got home I had to give it a go. This is what I’ve done so far.

First attempt at Needle Tatting
Isn’t that cool?!! It’s so easy to do! There’s really just one “stitch” or knot that you have to learn and then it’s all downhill. Here’s a good beginning tutorial.


2 thoughts on “Fun New Craft

  1. smithsonjane

    That is so cool! My mom had a neighbor when she was growing up who could tat using her fingers. Mom always regretted not learning.

  2. freethnkr1965

    I’ve watched videos of people tatting with a shuttle and they might as well be doing magic! hahaha Too much for me. I can only imagine trying to tie all those knots with no tool at all.

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