Still Going

Still working on the doilie. I’m on the last round and it seems that I have to untie two knots for every one completed. It’s not even a hard pattern, I just keep losing my place!!! Arghh!! It’s very frustrating. 🙂

It’s been raining all day. It’s wonderful.


Amusement Doily… Doilie… Doillie… Tatted Thing

Amusement Doily
Amusement Doily
Yesterday I said I was going to find a doilie (How do you spell that?!?) pattern and I did. It was surprisingly NOT easy. I guess people like to bogart their doilie patterns. This one is called Amusement Doilie and I found it online. The best part about it is IT’S BIG. This is only 2 rounds and it’s already 8 inches in diameter. That’s my kind of fiber craft! 🙂

Here’s another shot so you can kind of judge the size.

Amusement Doily 2
Amusement Doily 2

Yarn Holder

There’s been one thing that has frustrated me since I started needle tatting (all of 3 days ago) and that is keeping the ball of yarn in one place. Nothing is more aggravating than pulling on thread that won’t move because it’s stuck under the recliner, or in the recliner, or behind the recliner.

So here is my answer:

Yarn Holder 6
Everything is safe and sound.

It’s easy, it’s cheap, and best of all – it works.

You will need a coffee can and,

Yarn Holder 1
Coffee can for mucho cheapo yarn holder.

Some cheap eyelets

Yarn Holder 2
Cheap eyelets.

And a hammer of course, but I figure you know what that looks like.

Put an eyelet in the center of the lid like so.

Yarn Holder 3
The magic lid.

Put the yarn in the coffee can.

Yarn Holder 4
The yarn has a home at last!

Thread the yarn through the eyelet.

Yarn Holder 5
It's so simple a cave man can do it.

Then pop the lid on.

Yarn Holder 6
Everything is safe and sound.

That’s it. All total I spent $1.67 for the eyelets at the evil big box store which shall remain nameless. They came with an eyelet tool. It’s all good.

More Needle Tatting, I’m Sick, and Smoking Update

Tatted Medallion #3 needle, Pearl Cotton #3
Said to the husband last night, “Gee I hope I’m not getting sick.” Well I am. I woke up this morning with that “feels like my lungs are plum packed full of phlegm Aint Bee” feeling. Dry gravelly eyes, scratchy throat, general body malais – yes I’ve got it all this morning. So I decided to soothe myself with some needle tatting. This is “off the ball” needle tatting. You don’t have to leave thread spaces like in the previous two examples so you don’t have to cut off 2-5 yard pieces of thread. You can continually pull off the ball, at least until you run out of the loop on your needle. I think the end product looks a lot more substantial too. Now that I’ve done something round I’m itching to go find a doily pattern.

    Smoking Update

I’m doing well on quitting. I’m in week 9 and not smoking at all anymore. I’ve started going to the fitness center 4-5 times a week and working out on the eliptical or treadmill for an hour. My lungs don’t hurt anymore when I’m doing it either!! Woo-hoo! That is such a great feeling. The Chantix really helps. It’s actually time for a refill.

Well, off to search the world wide web for a doily pattern. I’m sure I’ll be back here before the day is over. Hope your day is splendiferous!

Needle Tatting Lace … More

More first try tatting.
The top piece is the second project in my new book. It can either be a bookmark or towel edging. I’m thinking since I can’t quite get the center spacing consistent, it will probably be a bookmark. 🙂 I also think some of this would be too cool appliqued to the next quilt I make.

Fun New Craft

Worked half a day this morning and actually got some stuff done at work so as a reward I went to Bookman’s, a used book store in Mesa, and then set out to find a Tatting needle. Well four stores and four hours later I finally found one at Hobby Lobby. Actually I bought 4. They came with an instruction book. Hobby Lobby had ony one other set of needles. Let’s face it, needle tatting lace is not as popular as it once was but as fate would have it as I turned away with my incredible find I heard a woman and her daughter talking about needle tatting. I went back and spoke with probably the only other two needle tatters in Arizona – they were very nice and as surprised as I that someone else was interested in the craft. The mother told me she and her sisters used to make lace on their fingers.

Anyway, as soon as I got home I had to give it a go. This is what I’ve done so far.

First attempt at Needle Tatting
Isn’t that cool?!! It’s so easy to do! There’s really just one “stitch” or knot that you have to learn and then it’s all downhill. Here’s a good beginning tutorial.