Loom Plans

I found a copy of the loom plans mentioned in one of my first post. It’s a PDF file. I don’t know how to upload it. The plans were created in 2004 by someone named T. Jacobs. They were free wherever I found them a few years ago but in addition to not knowing how to upload them, I’m not sure I should. So, here’s the deal. If you should happen to come back here in the next few weeks and will leave an email, I will send you a copy. The file size is 630 KB. I don’t know if that’s too big…

4 thoughts on “Loom Plans

  1. I would love the plans for this loom. I am putting together a fiber exhibit and would love to have this up for school children to participate in an interactive display. Please send me the plans if you can. Thank you!

    Sarah Hess
    Program Coordinator
    South Haven Center for the Arts

  2. sue in MA

    I would love a copy if possible! I have followed your blog since your first post! I do hope you will be happy in Arizona! WE (DH & I) are heading there in 2 weeks for 11 days. Plan on looking at and hopefully putting an offer on land for our retirement home. Wishing you AND us luck in Arizona.


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