Not Even Gonna Look

I’m not even gonna look at how long it’s been since I posted on here. I hit a wall. A stopping point. A stoppage. Life changed dramatically and I’m wondering if the idea this blog was built around is even still applicable or desirable.

For any of you who may still be dropping by to see if maybe, maybe, some small crumb of an update has been dropped here – bless you. (I don’t think you really exist, but sometimes I still look for Santa too.)

The spousal unit and I have relocated from Texas to Arizona. Maybe temporarily, maybe permanently – who knows? Either way, I really lost the desire to do anything “homewise” for awhile, and even now that everything has settled down a bit I can’t find it in me to treat this house we’re in like a home. Although, now that I write that, it seems like a selfish sentiment. Many people go their whole lives without owning the houses they live in, and yet, I would venture to say they feel like they have homes. Maybe I will have to look into ways of making “non-owned” houses into homes. Any ideas?

I know that the most popular thing on this site was my rug and loom project so I will try to get some more information for that but it really is just one episode in an ongoing saga.

(Actually, if I can just share for a moment, writing here has made feel better than I have in days. What a cool thing.)

Ok, enough. I’m gonna go get busy on some posts.


One thought on “Not Even Gonna Look

  1. sue in MA

    Well I for one have been checking at least weekly and am glad you are back.

    I found you because of the rug and loom and stayed. I do hope you continue especially if ‘venting’ here helps!

    I have always found that if you place your own “things’ in the same general area they have always been it helps to make a new house your new HOME. Even something as simple as favorite placemats and dishes on the table can help. It does take time to FEEL at home but it helps having those familiar items around.

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