Just An Update

Hello all! My apologies for going so long without an update.

I’m taking a quick break from the last minute chaos. Tomorrow is moving day. We’ll be making our maiden voyage over to the RV park. If you don’t need to be out it would probably be best to stay off the roads until about 1 o’clockish. 🙂

We’ve been living in the RV full time for the last two weeks and I must say I don’t hate it but I am definitely looking forward to being permanently hooked up to a sewer. You just don’t realize how much water you use until you have to manually get rid of it 40 gallons at a time.

We managed to pare down our belongings and the other stuff has been selling pretty well. We did rent a 4X10 storage unit for some stuff we’re not willing to part with but I don’t think that’s too bad.

Next week will be the final push and then we close on the 22nd. Hard to believe how quickly it all went.

Then we just wait for our opportunity to head back to the middle of the country.



I just stepped outside into one of those rare, magical moments. The moon is a full, bulbous incandescent disc hanging in the sky. The world is stark and the blacktop road is just damp enough that it reads silver as it slips between the trees.

I’ve come to this page over and over in the last few days hoping that I would be able to write something, share some of the change that is happening but each time I found myself mute, my voice locked behind a lump.

I am not sad. I am actually a little excited to explore the adventure in front of us but I think I had to acknowledge something before I could move. I realized today what that something is.

There will probably never again in my life be another place that holds the same possibilities that this place holds. That’s okay. It’s not even a bad thing. It just is. And even after realizing that the unplumbed possibilities of this place are what I have been unconsciously mourning I am still ready to move on. There are other things like family, friends, and long stretches of sunshine that I value more.

I just wanted to acknowledge that.

So here’s the update.

Our house is not even going to make it to market. Word spread of our decision to sell and we got an offer. While we were drafting a counter-offer another party knocked on our door and left their contact information in case the first deal fell through. We made our counter and it was accepted. Inspection periods and all that stuff are almost over and the only thing left to do is the appraisal. If, knock on wood, that goes well we will close by the end of February, maybe sooner.

We have a spot reserved in a nice RV park about 20 miles away. Then it becomes just a matter of waiting and watching for the right opportunity to head back east. I wonder how many other would-be farmers turned around and headed back east? For us though, heading back east will be just less west. 🙂

I guess that’s it.

For now… <insert intriguing music>

Working Title

Fool me once, shame on you.

Fool me twice, shame on …

still you!

I’ve always hated that saying. Why should we shame someone for believing? For trusting? For giving second, third, and even fourth chances?

If you fool me twice it just means you’re twice the asshole.

(I don’t even know why I’m writing this. It’s just been bouncing around in my brain for the last few months.)

A Season of Quiet

At the end there is a season of quiet.

There is no way around the fact that this is an ending. We sold the last beehive this past Saturday and the only livestock we are left with are the chickens. (On a side note, we still have 8 of the original 10 chicks we bought at the feed store two years ago. I think that’s got to be some kind of record! Haha.)

The last three geese went home with a nice gentlemen from Bellevue two Saturdays ago. He also bought five dozen eggs, our one and only egg sale – go figure. I’ve started selling my tractor implements and a nice man from nearby gave me $500 earnest money toward the purchase of my haying setup. We also have a realtor coming for an initial look at the property this Saturday.

It’s tempting to be sad. And I am a little but not in a distressing way. It’s hard to explain. Even though, one way or another, we will be leaving this place, the spirit of this life will continue.

Our immediate plans – don’t laugh! – are to move into an RV in a local park and put any money we clear on this place in the bank for a future purchase. Okay you can laugh a little but we do have a reason for this plan. Barring some super, drastic change at my place of employment I cannot continue to work there. It’s just too chaotic and oppressive. I don’t wish to separate from the company so we will have to relocate. Selling the house now removes a big source of stress and increases our flexibility to pursue opportunities at other sites. When the opening that we need comes along we will be ready to go.

Or perhaps I will separate from the company and begin an entirely new career, who knows? But that is a possibility and not the plan.

I have to tell you that along with the sadness of letting go there comes a little peace as well. I am actually looking forward to the quiet time ahead to reflect and see how I can carry the myriad things I’ve learned over the last two years into the future. Things that I have always wanted to do are no longer a mystery. I know what it takes to keep bees. I know what it takes to keep chickens. I’ve started an asparagus bed and planted fruit trees. I know what it takes to keep a cow and that keeping a cow is no longer an option (and that’s okay). I also know better now what my limits are, physically and mentally. I know more about how much I’m willing to sacrifice and not sacrifice.

These are not small things to know and all hard won. They are just as important as physical tools and perhaps more durable.

I guess that’s it for now. Peace.

No Title


The ending of that last post really wasn’t fair. I’m not feeling that life is very fair right now though.

Just a few days, maybe a week, after Tilly arrived Don broke out in a serious rash. It was around his eyes, down the front of his face and on his arms. He went to the doctor and she said, “It’s either shingles or an allergy, we’ll have to wait and see.” Well Don is not allergic to anything that we know of so we worried and watched – mostly we worried. It did not progress like shingles, which was good, but it did not go away either. Don began walking around the house with Calamine lotion smeared all over his face and I began to suspect we knew the culprit.


Here’s Don taking Tilly for her (almost) daily walk. Why you might ask? Because the clover in her pen wasn’t as nice as the clover outside. Or more likely because she’s a lovable animal and he just can’t help but love a lovable animal. After each walk he would scratch her face all around under her halter.

Then he would come in and itch and itch and itch.

Finally he was able to get in to see a dermatologist and sure enough he’s allergic to cow dander.

To be honest we found out about it probably a month ago. We just weren’t ready to give her up. I began cleaning out her stall and putting her up in the evenings but Don still had to let her out in the morning. We have big tubes of Alclometasone Diproplonate cream that he was smearing all over and still, itch, itch, itch.

Even though I am a selfish bastard I do eventually give in and two weeks ago I finally decided that this wasn’t fair and there was no practical way to keep Tilly on my work schedule without Don being part of it. Not to mention the fact that it broke his heart that he had to try to stay away from her. So I put an ad on Craigslist and Facebook and we sold her to a very nice young couple who lives about 10 minutes away.


They were kind enough to send us a picture of her in her new home. They offered to let us come visit her but that would just be too pathetic. But I will tell you, we have mourned her. I honestly, seriously had not realized how quickly and thoroughly she had become a part of this place. At 5 o’clock if I’m lost in thought or otherwise distracted I will still slip on my jacket intending to head out to the barn to put her up.

So that’s where we are and why we sold the cow. It’s just one of those things.

Many things seem to be converging on us these days. Don will be 60 on his next birthday. I will be 52 and somehow we are starting to feel our ages more than before. It’s also been weighing heavy on my mind that we will have to move into retirement with a mortgage if I continue to pursue this dream. I’m not sure I want to do that and without the cow we really don’t need so much space. All the other things I want to do can be done on a much smaller piece of land.

Right now all of this is just contemplation.